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We have been engaged by a leading Transport Authority in the South Pacific to enhance and extend their operations to Mobile platforms for increased productivity.Primary requirement was to:

  • Extend their core functionalities to a mobile platform
  • Offer a secure environment and device management functionalities
  • Search and action information
  • Perform necessary approvals
  • Reporting & dashboard

The authority was keen on increasing employee productivity by extending their core work accessible on a mobile platform.


License & Vehicle

Allowing authority staff to access and view Driver license & Vehicle related information through a mobile device

Infringement Notice

Allow authorized staff to view infringement notices and defect orders issued

Online Calculator

Allow staff to calculate and view fee structure for all regulations and applicable policies applicable

Search & Approval

Accessible by staff above a certain grades to allow them to search for pending applications and take appropriate action through a mobile device.

Dashboard & Reports

Generate and view reports on Mobile platform regarding authority performance and generate dashboard viewable reports for easy decision making.

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