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Change is the only thing constant in our lives. The team at ITGalax understands the changing technology advances and how imperative it is to be on top of your game in every sector. With regards to migration, ITGalax can help companies with:

Data Migration

We at ITGalax understand how important the data of a company is and why losing out on it is just not an option. ITGalax takes on this challenge and works on making sure that all the necessary processes and procedures are followed according to the protocol. We make it a point to be extremely careful during the process of data migration with data mapping techniques to ensure no loss of data whatsoever.

Support and Maintenance

As part of our own implementations, we offer post warranty support to clients. These support options vary based on customer requirements. The intent here is to ensure that the application is up and running at all times. Support can also be extended to third party applications where the client is not being supported by the original provider. Support options can be further classified into:

  • Onsite dedicated support
  • Offshore dedicated/ shared support

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