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ITGalax has been involved with partners to develop and deliver innovative products to the market. The primary intent with these initiatives is to pilot a product initiative and then scale it up as the product gains traction in the market

Through our technology expertise combined with a sharp sense of business, ITGalax is well versed to build platforms that can be used for short term and scaled as the product establishes itself in the long term.

ITGalax can assist with the following for Product partners:
  • New Product development
  • Product Support
  • Product Revamp
  • Product Re-engineering


Every new product and new concept being launched is a risk and ITGalax understands the importance of minimizing the risks to ensure product success. ITGalax approaches these projects in this approach:

Prototype – Pilot – Feedback - Scale


In this phase, ITGalax creates prototypes of the solution that can be tested internally by the product partners.


In this phase, the product is piloted to a controlled user environment. The users can be internal users along with a select list of prospective external users.


Pilot usage feedback is gathered which is them incorporated back to the product.


Full product launch with scale to reach maximum users and target

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