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Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Fiji as well as other South Pacific Island countries. Our association with the Hospitality industry is by offering turn-key solutions for identified challenge areas. We have had the opportunity to work with the hospitality industry in Fiji and Australia.

iGalax Smart Voucher System

Smart Voucher system is a turn-key solution that can be used by Resorts / Properties to manage and issue vouchers to guests. The system can be integrated with a Keycard and offers hassle free transactions to guests while they are inside the Resort.

Digital Solutions

We have also been associated with a partner company to offer digital solutions for the hospitality industry. The solution is a Mobile Concierge platform which can be customized for different resorts. The app is live and is being used by multiple resorts and properties in Australia. The idea is to digitize the concierge experience and offer a hassle free, click of a button experience to the guests. The app allows:

  • Room ordering through the app
  • Exploring nearby attractions
  • Booking limousine
  • Making an appointment at the spa and so on

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