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Digital Solutions has been a key driver for Enterprises in the South Pacific. Undersea cables between countries has resulted in better connectivity. This has resulted in internet access even in the remote parts of countries. Enterprises are now banking on top of this connectivity and extending digital solutions that can impact and enable their operations. This can be through web applications, mobile applications, digital payments and such. In Fiji, the government has initiated a drive towards Digital Fiji with the intent to bring all government functions at easy access of the public.

ITGalax has been at the forefront of offering digital solutions for customers in the South Pacific. We have had opportunities to engage with organizations as part of their Digital transformation exercises.

Our Digital strategies follow the principle of

Exist – Evolve – Excel


Exist and make a presence in the Digital space.


Evolve the solution into a platform that allows ease of business and accessibility.


Excel by bringing in new and innovative approaches that enable these enterprises stand out among their competitors.

Our engagement with organizations on their digital strategies have been at various levels. In all such engagements, the intent has been to extend beyond the current scope of things. Based on our observation, the following areas have generated a lot of interest for clients in the South Pacific:


Mobility has been a key area of focus for Enterprises and businesses in the South Pacific. Every forward looking institution has set its sight on implementing mobile apps that can enable their businesses. ITGalax, with its vast expertise in this area, has been at the forefront of designing & implementing mobile applications for customers. We have had the opportunity to engage with some of the largest institutions in this region and assist them in their digital strategy and transformation.

Our expertise has led us to build internal & external facing mobile applications. All of these applications are built for purpose and allow enterprises to significantly impact efficiencies and accessibility.

Our applications are hybrid applications built using ionic framework. A hybrid mobile app is platform agnostic and can be used in android / iOS platforms. At ITGalax, we chose to use hybrid mobile app development technology as it delivers native functionalities available in a device while allowing a faster & cost effective development approach.

Digital Payments

Digital payments is the ability to extend digital payment services to programs. ITGalax has experience with extending digital payment capabilities to multiple client applications. This includes integrating with necessary platforms, creating interim transaction pages, returning success and failure messages based on transaction. In the South Pacific, the common integration possibilities are through mobile money and visa / MasterCard payments.

Digital payment services


Integration to Card payments


Integration to Mobile money wallets


Integration to Banking platforms


Integration to payment providers such as paypal / stripe


Integration is the ability to build interfaces and api’s that can allow third party applications to communicate with each other. One of the primary challenges that limit organizations from taking their services to any external entities or to the public is on account of applications functioning in silos. Each application has its own architecture and functions for a specified set of internal users but cannot operate outside. This limits its reach and usability. ITGalax has worked with various clients in Fiji and assisted with integrating their applications to external platforms. This has resulted in authorized information sharing to external parties and better accessibility for other stakeholders.

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