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We at ITGalax specialize in custom application development. Our biggest strength is our ability to translate customer challenges into system processes and functionalities. This is achieved through the efficient and capable hands of team members who bring with them

  • Experience – Domain Experience
  • Expertise –  Technology Expertise
  • Energy – Energy & attitude to get things done
  • Empathy – Putting ourselves in the place of Customers

Our Processes have been defined based on successful maturity models and have been tested out in multiple large scale implementations. We follow a combination of Offshore and Onsite development approach based on project requirements.

Our experience and focus in the South Pacific means we are tuned to the needs and requirements of the customers in this region. We understand the challenges, past experiences, cultural & technology landscape of the customers and position our solution in a manner that ensures acceptability among all aspects.

Our smart operating models combined with low overheads allows us to be cost effective and highly efficient.We believe that a penny saved is a penny earned and work with the intent to offer the most competitive price points feasible to our business.

We provide the following custom application development services:

  • Application Development
  • Existing Applications’ maintenance as well as support services
  • Integration of the application with external and internal sources
  • Analysis & design support
  • Project management
  • Software Testing Services
  • Base Technology Enhancement
  • Support post deployment

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