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Bulabot is an intelligent chatbot that understands requester query and responds to it with the best available information. It is built on Open source technology and uses the concept of Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence. Designed to operate as a plug & play solution, it can be easily integrated within any existing website in a matter of hours.


Bulabot is a Customer Interaction bot targeted at clients that have recurring interactions with users. Utility providers, ISPs, Provident Funds, Revenue & Customs, Immigration, Registrar, Ministries, Resorts, Tourism operators and any such institution can realize significant benefits by automating their customer service function and offering immediate and relevant service to their users. Effective usage of the bot will significantly bring down long queues and waiting time for customer support and ensure that common people have access to information when they need it the most. Forward looking Organizations have already started using bots to effectively manage their Customer Support functions.


  • Attend multiple queries at the same time
  • Integrate with internal service to answer specific queries
  • Plug in to your existing website / apps
  • Minimize people & space dependency
  • Cost effective solution – Subscription costing model
  • 24/7 availability
  • Trained to learn based on situations
  • In-built self-learning capabilities
  • Hosted in Cloud or locally
  • Guaranteed Return on Investment

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