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Our association with the Aid organizations have been through multiple partners looking at implementing development solutions with lasting economic & social impact. With these organiations, we function as a partner, to build and implement the desired solutions. Beyond implementation, we are also involved in adoption of these solutions and hand holding until the solutions create the desired level of impact. We are fortunate and proud to be associated with the aid organizations in these initiatives. Some of our work in this area include:

Digital Solutions

For one of our partners, we have built and rolled out a farmer mobile app. The app is available as a free download on playstore and is focused at marketplace as well as farmers associated with cooperatives. The solution has a mobile app and a web app. The mobile app is used by farmers to get the latest information. The web app is used by the Cooperatives and the Ministry to update information relevant to the farmers. One of the primary objectives of the app is to extend access to finance and credit to the farmers. The app also allows users to capture farmer credit information related to farmers. This information can then be used to generate credit history and extend access to credit. The app is designed with a farmer at the center enforcing on a human centered design concept. At a high level, the app does the following:


Marketplace farmers and Vendors

  • The app functions as a marketplace and connects farmers to buyers.
  • App allows farmer to associate and list their produce and share their contact credentials

Cooperative farmers

  • For cooperative farmers, the app allows the farmers to view Digital ledgers of their transaction with the cooperative.
  • Farmers are also able to raise cooperative specific issues and concerns and get them sorted out through the app.

Digital Payment

  • The app is also integrated with Mobile Money operators in the country.

For Cooperatives & Ministries

  • The app can also be used by Cooperatives & Ministry to send notifications to farmers
  • App can also function as a communication platform between farmers and Cooperatives

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