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At ITGalax, we believe that a solution is an offering that must deliver a positive business outcome to the customer. Delivering positive business outcome refers to understanding the client goals and business processes to meet the requirements. At ITGalax, we ensure all steps in our development lifecycle adhere to this belief. Our processes are aligned to ensure client vision is accurately converted as the end solution. We use rapid development processes by using our proprietary framework engine, which takes care of all common standard functionalities across industry verticals. While we ensure our solutions perform seamlessly at all times, we also provide support & maintenance services to address any future enhancements for smooth business continuity. Our solution offerings are

  • Complaint Management Solution
  • Helpdesk Management Solution
  • Forex Management Solution
  • Transport Scheduling Solution
  • Asset Management Solution
  • Maintenance Management Solution

Complaint Management Solution

Complaint Management Solution

  • Designed for Government Organizations / Enterprises catering to the general public
  • Single system to manage customer grievances
  • Collate complaints from various modes & sources
  • Identify & allocate complaints to the concerned team to raise accountability
  • Monitor Turnaround Time and take preventive action
  • Dashboard reporting to analyze and view complaint status
  • In-built feedback mechanism

About ITGalax Complaint Management Solution

ITGalax Complaint Management Solution is a web application that allows the Customer service department within Government Organizations / Enterprises to effectively manage and take action on the numerous complaints received on a daily basis. Common users can raise complaints using a number of mediums such as phone, SMS, e-mail, face to face and fax. The system enables the internal team to allocate, track and monitor status of the complaints on a real time basis. The system is designed to ensure effective closure and communication of the complaint status to the common users.


  • Organize & manage all customer complaints through a single application.
  • Attend to critical complaints immediately by prioritizing complaints based on nature & category.
  • Create accountability by assigning complaints to the relevant team.
  • Take corrective action by monitoring turnaround times & escalating unresolved complaints.
  • Easy complaint raising mechanism - Multiple modes to raise complaints - E-mail, SMS, Phone, Face to Face and Fax.
  • Pictorial representation of data for management review - Dashboard reporting with real time data.

Why ITGalax Complaint Management Solution

Create & maintain users, assign role based access to the users. Integration with Active Directory possible.

Complaint Officers can create a new complaint, view existing complaints, assign complaints to the respective teams, loop back to customers for feedback and take corrective action as required.

Prioritize complaints based on criticality and assign them to the relevant team for action.

Access past complaint history & status, use the data to prevent recurring issues and create a knowledge base for the future.

Raise complaints through SMS, E-mail, Phone, Fax & Face to Face

Notification systems in place – Notification in case of new complaints, complaints crossing turnaround time, users notified in case of closure/ reopening.

Escalation procedure in place for overdue tickets – Email trigger to the Manager if resolution time exceeded

Generate dashboard reports based on current complaint status / past history.

Helpdesk Solution

Helpdesk Solution

  • Organize & Manage your IT incidents efficiently
  • Allow end users to raise requests through different mediums
  • Administrators to manage & assign all incidents through the application
  • Access the application on web or through a mobile device for any place accessibility

About ITGalax Helpdesk Solution

ITGalax HelpDesk Solution is a web / mobile application that allows your IT team to efficiently collate, organize, assign & manage IT incidents. End users can raise requests either by logging in to the portal or by sending an e-mail to the registered e-mail id. The application categorizes issues based on severity & allocates a resolution time to each incident. The application allows the IT team to track the tickets from initiation all the way through to closure.


  • Organize & manage all your IT incidents through a single application.
  • Prioritize incidents based on criticality and focus on resolution of business critical incidents.
  • Create accountability by reassigning / escalating overdue tickets to next level of service engineers.
  • Mobile access to keep Managers and Stakeholders up to date on incident status.
  • Use multiple channels to raise tickets – E-mail, Text, and Portal.
  • Generate reports to take stock of the data, can also be used for internal distribution & discussion.

Why ITGalax Helpdesk Solution

Create & maintain users, assign role based access to the users. Integration with Active Directory possible.

Administrators can create a new ticket, view existing tickets and their status to take corrective action.

Application helps in prioritizing incidents based on criticality and assigning the most business critical incident for immediate action.

Escalation procedure in place for overdue tickets – Email trigger to the Manager if resolution time exceeded

Raise tickets through the application portal or by sending a mail to the registered e-mail id. You can also text your problem to a dedicated number.

Notification systems in place – Administrators notified in case of a new ticket, end users notified in case of ticket closure/ reopening.

IT managers can assign the ticket to concerned department / team member based on the incident.

Access past ticket history & status, use the data to create a knowledge base for the future.

Generate reports based on ticket status / date, use these reports for internal meetings.

Foreign Exchange Solution

Foreign Exchange Solution

  • Automate operations within your foreign exchange
  • Monitor balance sheet, transactions across branches
  • Create & Assign daily approval limits
  • Auto-calculate payable / receivable using in-built computation engine

About ITGalax Foreign Exchange Application

ITGalax Foreign Exchange Solution is a web based application that allows foreign exchanges to automate their internal processes. What started as a customized foreign exchange application for one of the clients has now taken the shape of a full-fledged foreign exchange solution. A highly robust solution built on top of a proven framework, the solution addresses all the business critical functionalities performed within a foreign exchange.


  • All operations automated, no manual intervention required
  • Role based workflow system
  • Easily customizable to set / edit approval limits
  • Browser based, can be accessed across branches
  • In built reporting functionality
  • In built intelligent computational engine to manage easy transaction
  • Maintains balance sheet
  • RBF policies incorporated

Why ITGalax Foreign Exchange Application

Customer Profile – Create & Maintain customer profiles for corporate customers / Individuals. Capture relevant details as mandated by RBF. Assign a unique id to every customer to ensure no duplication across branches. Search customers based on different parameters assigned.

Balance Sheet – Maintain daily balance sheets in the system. In built intelligence in the system to calculate End of Day balance every day. System designed to prevent manual fraudulent practices through validation techniques. Validating Opening balance & Closing balance a must with the system. System designed in a manner to reconcile balance end of day every day.

Daily Rates – Create and maintain daily rates for different currency units. Capture historical information of daily rates to be accessed if required.

Branch Profile – Create and manage different branches through the system. Each branch associated with a separate cash counter. Search for branches to access branch details and cash counter status.

Transaction module – Intelligent in built module that allows users to perform effortless transactions. Highly flexible module that allows one touch calculation of receivable / payable amount. Allows currency wise setting up of predefined rates. Search customers and access historical customer transactions. Designed for Cash, TC and Cheque transactions.

Cash Till – Manage branch wise cash tills within the system. Search for cash tills based on branch location / date to access till details.

Approval Limits – Set daily approval limits to users based on their roles. Customizable module that allows limit to be updated based on percentage / basis points.