Mobile App

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Technology today has evolved at a significant pace and this is increasingly visible with the kind of devices currently in use by the public. From an era of Desktops to Laptops, we are now fast moving into an era of handheld & wearable devices such as Mobiles, Watches & Glasses.

While mobile adoption has been rapid primarily in consumer facing businesses, Enterprise application development within a lot of organizations are still done using a client / web based development model.

At ITGalax, we realize that a handheld device will become the preferred choice for future business applications. With this in mind, our architects & engineers hold mobile infrastructure at the centre of all our design processes. ITGalax has been fortunate to work with clients in mobile enabling their application infrastructure. Our capabilities and work include:

  • Hybrid Application
  • Core Application
  • Utility Application

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

A hybrid mobile app is platform agnostic and can be used in android / iOS / Windows platforms. At ITGalax, we chose to use hybrid mobile app development technology as it delivers the native functionalities available in a device while allowing a faster & cost effective development approach. ITGalax develops hybrid mobile application using ionic framework.

Core Applications

ITGalax has experience in designing & developing mobile applications based on existing web based applications. ITGalax undertakes an analysis of the existing web application, documents functionalities, and designs mobile app that mirrors functionalities offered through the web platform. ITGalax has designed a core mobile application for a recruitment business in the pacific islands. The app, accessible both on android & iOS devices, allows users to monitor job openings, set job alerts and apply for jobs.

Utility Applications

Utility apps are mobile applications designed to perform utilitarian activities. These could be external facing app used to deliver bills / notices to customers or internal facing apps that allow data capturing & processing. ITGalax has designed Utility apps for government organizations in Fiji, the app is used to issue infringement notices & defect orders on the fly.