At ITGalax, we believe that a solution is an offering that must deliver a positive business outcome to the customer. Delivering positive business outcome refers to understanding the client goals and business processes to meet the requirements. At ITGalax, we ensure all steps in our development lifecycle adhere to this belief. Our processes are aligned to ensure client vision is accurately converted as the end solution.

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Businesses today are continuously looking at methods to improve efficiency and are relying on data to provide them this intelligence. In order to move away from manual to automated systems and represent data in a structured format, organizations have to rely on technology services. As a technology company, ITGalax enables organizations achieve this goal.

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Mobile App

Technology today has evolved at a significant pace and this is increasingly visible with the kind of devices currently in use by the public. From an era of Desktops to Laptops, we are now fast moving into an era of handheld & wearable devices such as Mobiles, Watches & Glasses.While mobile adoption has been rapid primarily in consumer facing businesses, Enterprise application development within a lot of organizations are still done using a client / web based development model.

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About Us

ITGalax Solutions is an Information Technology Services & Solutions company offering custom software development services and proprietary software solutions. We are currently present in Fiji, South Pacific Islands and India. The India facility functions as our research & development centre while all our clients and customers belong to the Pacific Island nations. The company is formed by individuals who bring complementary skillsets to the table along with a collective experience of more than 50 years working in the Information Technology sector. In Fiji, we are currently working with a number of Government & Private organizations.

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